Tentang Glad Clinic

Kemajuan terkini dalam bidang ilmu dan teknologi kesehatan telah memungkinkan
didapatkannya hasil yang lebih baik dalam penanganan penyakit kantung empedu, hati,pankreas, dan organ pencernaan. Hal ini memberi pasien rasa nyaman dan waktu
pemulihan yang lebih singkat dalam proses penyembuhan mereka.

Misi GLAD adalah memfasilitasi pilihan-pilihan pengobatan canggih semacam itu untuk
memberikan penanganan yang efektif dan cepat bagi klien kami baik dari dalam maupun luar negeri, dan juga memastikan bahwa mereka mendapatkan pengalaman pengobatan
yang nyaman dan intensif

Tentang Para Dokter Bedah:

A/Prof. Stephen Chang Kin Yong,

MBBS (Singapura), MRCS (Edin) M.Med (Surg), FRCS Ed (Gen Surg), FAMS.
Direktur Medis, Glad Clinic
• Direktur Medis, Mt Elizabeth Liver Transplant Program
• Presiden Pendiri, Hepatopancreatobiliary Association of Singapore;
• Adj Associate Professor, National University of Singapore;
• Anggota Pendiri, International Laparoscopic Liver Society;
• Anggota Pendiri, Asia-Pacific Laparoscopic Hepatectomy Promotion dan
Development Expert Committee;
• Konsultan Tamu Senior, Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery,
University Surgical Cluster, National University Hospital.


√ Laparoscopic Liver, Pancreas and Bilary Surgery

Majority of Laparoscopic (minimally invasive) procedures for the liver, pancreas, gallbladder system
and the digestive tract

are advanced surgical procedures that requires adequate training in traditional open surgery as well as proficiency in laparoscopic techniques. Relevant and adequate training in step-wise manner up the ladder of complexity should be acquired by surgeons offering this approach coupled with adoption of modern instrumentation and equipment to ensure safe execution of the surgical procedures.

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√ Single Port Laparoscopic surgery (key-hole minimally invasive surgery)

can benefit patients by having less wound pain, less wound infection and faster recovery.
With further advances in surgical technique and instrumentation, further reduction in surgical trauma can now be achieved by using only a single key-hole instead of multiple key-holes in some of the abdominal surgeries.

Dr Stephen Chang is pioneer in this technique of single key-hole minimally invasive surgery with more than 500 case experience (one of the largest in the region and internationally).

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√ Liver Transplant

is indicated for various liver diseases including liver cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. In GLAD Clinic, a team of experience doctors and surgeons work together to provide the best outcome for liver transplantation.

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√ Multimodality Management of Liver Disease and Cancer

With better understanding of the disease pattern and the body’s requirements for liver function, various options for treatment of liver diseases and cancer must be available either as a single therapy or as a combination. Dr Chang is the Founding President of the Hepatopancreatobiliary Association of Singapore where in the early years of it formation, helped promote the integrated multi-disciplinary treatment of liver diseases.

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Operation Room
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Magazines/ Articles

Article from Dr Stephen Chang
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Annals Academy of Medicine
LT Oncological Safety of Minimally Invasive Hepatectomy
Liverlink 2009
Liver transplant for a Malaysian Cum PR in Singapore.
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In line with the mission of GLAD Clinic, Dr Stephen Chang spends significant portion of time out of Singapore serving the other countries and help bring advance medical and surgical expertise to the people in these countries. In various capacities, he has served in Timor Leste, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and even in Iran. Locally, Dr Stephen Chang through his capacity as the founding president of the Hepatopancreatobiliary Association of Singapore, spearheaded the Liver Disease Awareness Week.

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